Thursday, 26 September 2013


I'm pumping out ideas, designs and concepts, although still I'm unsatisfied with my results. Recently assigned a project where we create a hero and villain has this been irritating me the most! Ideas a plenty! None that hold my interest for long enough to flesh it out. What do I do in such a predicament? Just go along with one and hope for the best? Or do I keep searching and creating for ideas that I'll sincerely enjoy doing?

I'm making things, but I'm getting bored of them too soon. It's kind of like a really productive art-block in a sense I suppose. It's either not quirky enough, deep enough, or in general interesting enough to continue working on it.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Muse Duo

These two are Oscar and Squire, my Muse and his Minion/ assistant/ secretary.
You see, Oscar is a bat and sleeps all day, only to awaken at night and inspire me with marvelous visions and ideas. That being said, I more times than not get my ideas at night, right before it's bedtime.
This is where Squire comes in.
Now, Squire doesn't really give me ideas, he's mute. He's there to take note on all the things that look at, keep tabs on my progress, and type down anything of general interest. When Oscar wakes from his daily slumber, Squire gives him all the notes he's taken for Oscar to review. Sometimes he does look at them, other times he doesn't.
When I do a lot of research in a day, Squire can't keep up and is forced to go and wake That lazy nocturnal couch potato to help.
I'll probably draw more of them when I get the chance.

Ta Ta For Now!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Scriptwriting Class: Music Inspired Character 
Character designed in a night after listening to a song during class earlier in the day.
The song itself I can't find, all I know is the title is roughly "Roly Poly Trombone"
Anyway, it reminded me of a carnival while listening to it, so I made this puppeteer
character of a sort. Tom Tripp, stage name "Limmerick, The self Winding Automaton"
with assistant Pun the monkey.
This is a rough colouring of him in PTSAI over the original finished sketch.
That's all folks!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Shape challenge for Character Design Class
We were given blobby shapes and had to make something out of 'em
here's what I did.
Check out more here
That's all folks!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday Doodles

Today's (Late) Saturday doodle is a doofus who tripped on a banana peel

                                         I loosely gave him clothes based on 80s wear because I wanted to.
                                                        For the lateness I present to you also a
                                                               confused, blue Frenchman

I drew a blob shape on my sheet during class and voila!

This week has been a blast, first week of the term and I'm already really stoked for it
Next week there will be more to see from the assignments that
we've been assigned stay tuned for that!

To see other aspiring animators and more, visit:
for my peers and previous graduates works.
That's all folks!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Saturday Doodle

Hey, this is a small sketch I drew last Saturday. I'll be doing a doodle every Saturday to start off this blog, posting more as time passes. That's the plan at least. Hope you enjoy!