Sunday, 22 September 2013

Muse Duo

These two are Oscar and Squire, my Muse and his Minion/ assistant/ secretary.
You see, Oscar is a bat and sleeps all day, only to awaken at night and inspire me with marvelous visions and ideas. That being said, I more times than not get my ideas at night, right before it's bedtime.
This is where Squire comes in.
Now, Squire doesn't really give me ideas, he's mute. He's there to take note on all the things that look at, keep tabs on my progress, and type down anything of general interest. When Oscar wakes from his daily slumber, Squire gives him all the notes he's taken for Oscar to review. Sometimes he does look at them, other times he doesn't.
When I do a lot of research in a day, Squire can't keep up and is forced to go and wake That lazy nocturnal couch potato to help.
I'll probably draw more of them when I get the chance.

Ta Ta For Now!

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